Tawny Owls (2 Years 9 Months to 3 Years 3 Months)

Welcome to Tawny Owls

When your child turns 2.5 years, they are usually ready to make the move upstairs to Tawny Owls. They will have at least 1 settling in a week over a period of about a month. If your child is unsettled, then we will ensure that they have as many settling ins as they need to ensure they are confident in their new environment. We also work on a 1:4 ratio and can have up to 14 children in our room.
We offer free choice of toys and activities throughout the day for children to pick and choose what they would like to do. We also have adult initiated activities, such as shaving foam, pasta and rice play and painting. Garden time is available twice a day as well as a circle time where we sing, read stories and socialise with our friends. 
We have many different areas within our room which include; messy area, book/cosy area, maths area, construction and home corner. 
Independence is promoted and we encourage children to do more for themselves such as wiping their own nose, putting shoes and socks on and toilet training.
As with all of Brishing Barn, each staff member has a group of key-children whom they plan and create activities for to help them develop across the 7 areas of the EYFS.